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EMOM training entails doing a set of exercises, often a single or double movement, every minute for between 10 and 20 minutes.

Those of our clients that have trained under Unit 7 will be familiar to the term and subsequently their own inner monologue of curse words to describe the particular trainer for getting them to practise it. EMOM not only is a great training method to smash a session in the head but also has a host of other benefits for getting yours done today.

Fluid, Efficient Movement Patterns.

The reason you feel the lift becoming easier is because it actually is becoming easier. As sets progress on and fatigue builds, antagonistic muscle groups shut off more completely, which increases flexibility and makes it easier to get under the bar.

EMOM Sets Improve Technical Efficiency.

EMOM sets actually improve technical efficiently as the set goes on. I believe they also change the speed at which fatigue builds during a set. During a normal set of 5, for example, fatigue builds quickly from the first rep to the fifth rep, and your form and technical mastery deteriorate right along with your strength.

The deterioration of technical mastery might actually be as much or more of a reason for you failing a rep than the temporary loss of strength due to fatigue. On a maximal set of 5 by definition you will fail with the sixth rep. But even though you’re getting rep 3, 4 and 5, your technique won’t not be optimal, which is a performance killer.

In other words, on a really heavy set of 5 the first rep or two will probably be technically pretty good, but chances are, the remaining 3 aren’t going to be great. And doing two good reps then three progressively worse reps is not a good way to train. On the other hand, doing a set of 10 EMOM reps you’ll perform all reps with good technical efficiency, which is an ideal way to train.

How to Add EMOM Sets To Your Training.

If you want to add EMOM sets to your training – get in touch – keep it clean, relatively!