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Performance Coach
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Sport Massage Therapist

Welcome, I have been a practicing personal trainer since 2017 and previously worked in education as a Product Design specialist. My clients range from Marathon runners to the elderly. My aims are to embed the knowledge and behaviours to provide my clients with the tools and frameworks to thrive.
I have been providing massage therapies since 2019, providing relief to individuals experiencing pain due to injury or imbalances across the body, I work regularly with rugby players, runners and individuals considering surgery to resolves joint or muscular pain.
Having a young family, worked in education and participating in sport I have the ability to relate and support professionals, business owners, parents and athletes in achieving their goals such as:

Athletic Performance
Body Composition
Holistic Health & Stress Management

I am passionate about being active and love cycling, functional training and being outdoors. Sharing my passion with my family, friends and clients.

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