Success Stories

Jon Kelly

By 6th August 2020 June 6th, 2021 No Comments
Personal trainer and member

I view personal training as a must-have solution to a healthy work-life balance. Work and personal life is the same thing to me…. a 360 approach means that you can enjoy both in equal measure. I have had the pleasure of going on a journey with Byron @ Power 360 for 3 years now. A life low of being 17 stone coupled with a busy work life gave me little energy and a negative view on life… within weeks of starting, I saw a massive change in attitude, coupled with outstanding results both in my appearance and my approach to food, alcohol, work and daily life. My outlook toward my body and what I put in it has completely changed and 3 stone later I’m ecstatic to say that I love the new me!

Byron’s work ethic, reliability and commitment to me, the client, is second to none. He is a super creative person who demonstrates enthusiasm and sincere commitment to all that he does. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me and I credit my new healthy and fit lifestyle to him.

An ear when you need it, advice if you want it, a laugh even when you are 45 minutes into a tough session, a true friend.

Cheers Byron, you’re the bomb.