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Kim & Jamie

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Personal trainer and members


Jake has been my PT for about a year and he has brought out the best in my training. He listens to my goals and personalised a plan for not just my training but my diet too. He checks in with me every week to make sure I’m consistently meeting my targets and holding me accountable. During training sessions, he is always pushing me to my best, even when I’m just going to the gym to train he is usually there shouting encouragement! Any questions I’ve had he is always really quick to respond either via text or at the gym, even through lockdown when gyms were closed he was sending me workouts to do from home.
More than anything he has really helped my confidence, I have gone from nervously just using a treadmill to now being able to use all the free weights on my own! I couldn’t recommend him more.

Unit 7 gym has a big range of equipment and the best staff. You can tell they love their gym as it’s always spotless! All the staff are really friendly and provide a good atmosphere to allow you to train without feeling self-conscious.


Unit 7 is the best gym I’ve been to for atmosphere. Really friendly members and PTs. Always able to get on any equipment needed and plenty of horrible yet good cardio machines (I’m looking at you assault bike).

Had Jake as a PT for about 2.5 years now and he’s easily helped me meet any goals I have had. Really well-structured workout plans that are easy to follow and allow me to progress at a good pace. Meal plans and food suggestions are easy to stick to and don’t feel like I’m starving myself. Also more importantly he’s really easy to get on with and makes each session good fun and would recommend to anyone looking for a PT.