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Personal trainer and member training

Hi, I’m Kayla and I first started to train with Kane back in November 2019.

I approached unit 7 in need of a PT after an extremely difficult year. This included recovery from extensive surgery which took over 8 months and the loss of my mum to cancer. Knowing myself, I knew that I would struggle to be consistent and motivated to exercise consistently.  I’ve always had this struggle – starting a gym for 3 weeks and then never turning up again and throwing money down the drain. I knew I needed support to clarify goals, understand what was achievable and most importantly be held to account.

I must admit I was apprehensive at first as I’ve never had a PT or even taken gym as seriously before. However, within seconds of meeting Kane, I felt completely comfortable. Kane engaged me with a genuine and open attitude and assured me that I was in a safe space.

He took the time to get to know me, understand my lifestyle, work patterns, healthy/unhealthy habits so he could tailor a programme that would support me by giving me a strong foundation to build from.

The programmes and training sessions have been challenging and constantly build from the previous sessions. Kane has kept it fun and light and always brings positivity to the training space. He is firm and clear in his instruction to make sure I’m challenging myself and keeping on path to my goals.

Along the way there have been a number of setbacks from injury and Kane’s expertise in the musculoskeletal system has helped me overcome any aches or pains which may have completely stopped me training if I’d chosen to go to a commercial gym.

I’m grateful for the team at unit7, their good vibes and banter or Shanter (shit banter) if we’re talking about Ash and I’d highly recommend them to support you reaching your goals.