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The ethos behind Unit 7 and the open gym.

Unit 7 started primarily as 1-1 personal training studio. Quickly we noticed an increasing demand for our clients and followers to spend more time on site outside of their 1-1 sessions.

People loved our space but didn’t have much opportunity to be on site unless they were in a 1-1 training session.

The noticeable demand inspired the site to change how we operate and helped us birth the idea of having a gym membership which was affordable and accessible to our members. The gym membership community has steadily grown into a thriving family of friendly faces and motivating characters that make every day in the studio a joy to work in.

Community, health and enjoyment are 3 of the key factors we aim to deliver in every aspect of the gym and our 1-1 personal training service.

3 things to know about open gym

Why we created the Open Gym membership?

To create an affordable way for our clients and non PT members to enjoy our training space. Creating a happy and healthy community within our studio has been a major goal from the conception of Unit, the the Open Gym membership was a fantastic way to move us towards that goal.

Who is it suitable for?

Our Gym Membership is aimed at people who have an interest in functional fitness, Crossfit or Olympic lifting. Functional fitness covers those people who want to lose weight, build muscle and just enjoy training with a primary outcome of feeling fit and healthy.

We also specialise in physical rehabilitation for major injuries as well postural and musical skeletal dysfunctions. (Check out some of our stories here).

If you want to be surrounded by friendly and supportive people then Unit 7 is the right gym for you.

What you can expect in our gym environment?

The open gym is like most gyms, there are quiet times which are suitable for people who enjoy a slightly more relaxed and spacious training experience and busier periods suited to those who thrive on high energy and a community vibe.

The open gym membership covers the following opening times:
Monday to Friday – 6am – 7pm
Saturday – 10 am – 12pm

Commonly there will always be a member of the team either training or running a 1-1 personal training session on the gym floor so help or advice are always close by. This is perfect for individuals who need the occasional nod of motivation or a helping hand when uncertainty hits.

Owner’s final thoughts

The gym membership breaths energy and life into the studio, the different faces from various walks of life bring a huge amount of character and presence to the site.

With the client age bracket ranging from 20 to 70+ the community is diverse and open, for me this is what a gym should be, a place for everyone to come and enjoy in their own unique way.

Thanks for reading, if you would like to join our open gym membership then click the link below to find out more.