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What is functional fitness at Unit 7.

Functional fitness is a term used broadly across the fitness industry.  It’s swiftly gained popularity as an alternative to the traditional commercial gym scene which adopts a more isolated training ideology using resistance machines.

Functional fitness is centred around the idea of training to be better at performing activities we carry out in our everyday life and therefore is not solely focused on the visual effect of exercising. Functional fitness is great for postural dysfunctions, injury rehab, excelling at day to day life and even has the ability to create gold medal winning athletes.

The style of training is open to using a mixture of body weight movements, fixed and free weights, bars/bands and of course cardio machines. The combination delivers a style that has something in it for everyone.

Who is it for?

If you can or want to move then functional fitness is for you.

It’s based on an individual’s own ability making it inclusive for all.

Here at Unit 7 we work with clients ranging from 16 to 82 years of age and our clients include high performing athletes to elderly clients who had never stepped foot into a gym until they started with us.

Building muscle, losing weight, feeling great and everything in between are achievable with functional fitness training.

How does it work?

All our programming starts with a movement assessment, during which we’ll  look at how your body moves and how your muscles and joints work. Once we have an understanding of what your body likes to do and what it prefers to avoid, we create a movement based plan that will have two key objectives.

1 – Mobilise, stabilise and condition your body to move well  

2 – Create a programme that’s fun and engaging whilst pushing you to achieve your goals 

Why pick this style of training?

The primary reason to opt for functional fitness training is that no training style is favoured, instead a little of everything is incorporated. The training style is fun and versatile. There is less chance for injury and a much higher success rate with longevity of continued training.

How often can you do it?

The quick answer is every day if you wanted. The program style opts for varying intensities and styles of exercise. For example you could have 3 days programmed for the gym and 2 days programmed out of the gym where you follow a mobility program and other activities such as walking, swimming and cycling.

Owner’s final thoughts

Over the last 20 years I have exercised in many formats and communities ranging from body building to endurance running and cycling. Each community and approach has something special to offer in the way it makes you feel.

The idea of functional fitness for me is that it has the reach to capture all of the most exciting and useful parts of each training ideology or community to create something that is special to the individual. This could be for one single focus of excelling in one sport or to staying fit and healthy in an enjoyable and varied way.

Keen to learn more?

Whether you are just getting started with your fitness journey, or looking to leverage the benefits of functional fitness for a specific sport, we have a range of different specialist pathways at Unit 7.

Hit the button below to request a free consultation with one of our coaches at Unit 7, Liverpool.