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If you want to look at getting lean quickly, forget all the special diets, the quick fix schemes and brand new supplements on the market.

If you closely look at individuals who maintain year-round leanness, they typically are habitual creatures with the same feeding patterns and select habits that help them maintain a consistent negative energy balance. Here are 3 simple hacks they might use to keep them looking sexy all year round.


Grouping together tasks to maximise
Your time and get over any tasks that are just plain boring to do. I find I always do 20 minutes cardio exercise after I train, whilst trying to lean up. In this time I’m learning from podcasts, replying to emails, watching the next serial killer series and making funny captions to amuse your sexy mush reading this.

It helps my expenditure go up, it creates a reward response from doing laborious uphill walking and makes me more accountable, if I don’t do my walking, then a lot of other tasks are put on the back burner.


Lean people keep their nutrition simple, they don’t overthink their next meal, they keep it practical and know what they like. Pick a breakfast, lunch and snack that suit your lifestyle and when you come home at night, have an evening meal that is balanced and varied. Too much overthinking and choice can be a massive headache to an individual trying to lean down.


They eat when they’re hungry, they stop when they’re full. Eating for stress, boredom and other reasons is not something they do. They have a clear connection between brain and gut which tells them the real reasons why food is consumed. If you find this hard to do, look at breaking unhealthy habits and routines so as not to fall victim to needless calorie consumption.