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A body transformation is a significant change in your physical appearance and physique. At a deeper level it is about more than just losing weight or gaining muscle; it’s about creating a healthier, happier body, leading to positive changes in your mental and emotional health.

When you feel good about your body, you’re more likely to feel good about yourself. Body transformation can boost your confidence and self-esteem. It’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where you can push your limits and achieve what you may have once thought was impossible.

A transformation can be as simple as wanting to lose a few pounds to feel fitter and become a healthy bodyweight, or it can be more extreme as in the case of bodybuilding competitors; who push the limits of human potential by getting to extremely low levels of bodyfat whilst carrying large amounts of muscle. Our coaches can help with whatever body transformation goals you have, whether they are based on improving health or pushing your body to its limits and seeing what you are truly capable of achieving!

What are the goals of a body transformation?

The goals of a body transformation vary from person to person, for some it is about improving physical appearance and for others it is about improving overall health. Some common goals include:

  • Losing weight and reducing body fat
  • Building muscle and changing body shape
  • Improving strength and endurance
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Boosting confidence and self-esteem
  • Reducing the risk of chronic diseases

What are the steps involved in a body transformation at unit 7?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to body transformation. Every programme designed by our coaches is unique to each client and will be created based on the specific goals, ability, experience and preference of the individual.

  1. The consultation
    Before any programme is designed a consultation with your coach will take place where they will find out about your goals, current lifestyle and limitations finding out what issues you may have struggled with in the past. Your coach will then help you set realistic goals and a timeframe for your body transformation.
  2. ⁠Assessment
    At the start of your body transformation you will complete an assessment, taking weight, measurements, body fat % and pictures. You will also complete a postural and muscle length and tension test to determine if there are any mobility issues or restrictions that need to be addressed, to help you perform at your best during your sessions.
  3. Creating a programme
    Your coach will then design a workout programme and nutrition plan based on the information provided in your consultation and recorded within your assessment. You will be provided with meal plans, macros and targets such as step count, water intake and weekly sessions.
  4. Tracking progress
    You will undertake regular reviews where your coach will record measurements and gather data to determine if any changes need to be made to your programme. Your coach will give you feedback and advice on what is working well and what things you need to work on to help you achieve results.
  5. Accountability
    Providing feedback and information to your coach on a regular basis helps to keep you accountable to your goals. We all have things we struggle with and no one is perfect, your coach will be understanding of any issues you may be experiencing and is there to help you every step of the way!

When completing a body transformation, it is important to have a support system around you as you will be more likely to succeed. Having a coach will ensure you have an appropriate programme to follow and having friends and family in support of your goals will also make a huge difference. Tracking your progress helps you to stay motivated and see how far you have come along your journey. It is important to celebrate all the small wins along the way and to not give up when things get tough. The challenges you face along the way are essential to improvement. Failure can be our greatest teacher; helping us to know what we need to work on the most!

Ultimately a body transformation is not just about changing your appearance, it’s about changing your life. It’s about taking control of your health and well-being and creating a better version of yourself. If you’re thinking about starting a body transformation, get in touch to arrange a consultation with one of our coaches who can help you create an effective plan to reach your goals. Remember, a body transformation is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the process and celebrate your successes along the way!

This article was written by our coach