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An unusual title for sure, but hang with where it is going.

If flim represents messing around, procrastinating, talking, and analysing more than doing. Then flim is the choice word for today. That means jam represents the action side, the hard work, dedication and commitment to the work that is needed on a daily basis.

So the question to ask yourself before you read any further is there too much flim and not enough jam in your workout life or general life.

What we are really drilling down to with the discussion is the use and possibly overuse of apps that track and display data. We live in a world where there is an app or band or smart gadget that can somehow help you achieve the goals and aspirations you want so desperately.

It has become a multi-million-pound industry that is there to aid you in your fitness and health venture. Heart rate monitors, sleep apps, relaxation apps, calorie trackers, food diaries, body composition machines and advanced blood analytics now make up the innovative front line of ways to assess, monitor and guide you to perfect health and spiritual enlightenment.

So take a look around. Are you and everyone else living your best life and at your dream goal? If not then take a pause for thought as to why this is so.

The world of analytics and information is 100% a good thing for the fitness and health industry, there is no denying this, the more we understand how something works the better we can create programs to target the barriers with successful ways to overcome them.

The benefits continue to stretch with apps making the user accountable to either the in-built reward systems & daily check-ins or the online community that often comes with them. There is no doubt that they can be a positive tool.

But… here comes the BUT! Too much of a good thing can eventually become a bad thing.

How does this look in practice? The reality of data and app guidance is only a piece of a very intricate web of actions, decisions, results and reviews. Apps fail to think and assess you as a person in real-time, they can only track what you tell them and advise on what their parameters are. For this fact, they will only give you part of the jigsaw puzzle.

The most important information comes from you, from how your body feels, responds, what it tells you when you get up and the energy and freedom it gives you over your day.

The vast majority of issues that come with the human body and psyche can often be identified if the person in question would take a few minutes to listen to what their body is telling them through mood, physical sensation and its ability to process and respond to daily activities.

What we want you to avoid is the ‘paralysis by analysis’, using apps to aid your fitness journey is a good thing but we want you to avoid tumbling down the rabbit hole of over analysing or becoming trapped in the routine or actions listed by your app when common sense and hard work may be the simple answer you need to advance with your goals.

So, after this read, take a look and see if you are getting caught in the flim loop, it could be time to listen to your body and what the results are telling you.

Take some action and put some of the core things needed to make change, which are;

Consistency in effort and desire to improve

Listening to what your body is telling you, don’t ignore the signs it gives you!

Never give up. There are thousands of ways to achieve the same endeavour, don’t give up on the failed attempts

Help from a professional often out perform’s apps and templated systems as they are tailored with knowing the person, their habits and strengths

Achieving greatness of any description is hard work, prepare yourself to make a sustained effort to reach the goals you want.

To conclude we love a good app and use forms of tracking, educating and mapping regularly. Just don’t get lost with how the app tells you to behave or the routine it creates, when sometimes the body’s own warning signs or positive results may contradict what the app may be flashing at you.

We hope you enjoyed this article.