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Vicky Marsden

By 3rd May 2019 June 6th, 2021 No Comments

Unit 7 has helped me in so many ways, I have dropped from dress size 12-14 to 6-8, lost 2.5 stone in weight, lost a lot of inches over the whole body and dropped 15% body fat, my body has changed massively.

Physically I have become leaner and more toned with some muscle definition. My self-confidence has returned and I would quite happily wear a bikini on a beach without worrying what other people thought of me, my confidence in the gym has increased dramatically, I used to hide behind posts or avoid the weights areas, I now do everything that others do with the confidence I am using the equipment correctly and I am getting the most out of each exercise.

My diet has improved and I no longer skip meals, there are times I find it hard but I know I have the support to help me through should I need it. I have been emotionally supported through my time at Unit 7 through situations with my personal life and through my work life.

Unit 7 has also rehabilitated me through 2 operations resulting in me becoming the strongest and fittest I have ever been despite me turning 40 this year have young children and a busy lifestyle.

This is an elite service you receive when you join the Unit 7 family. The results I have gained from the advice I have been given has encouraged some of my family and friends to change their lifestyles for the better too.

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