Success story


“You can’t put it into words. It changed my life completely. Ashley taught me to stop turning to food for comfort and helped me build a routine that built a body I can be proud.”

Lizzy began personal training with head coach Ashley after developing a daily cycle of bad habits, spiralling into little motivation to exercise. After countless dieting episodes only to regain weight after briefly losing it, Lizzy reached out to Unit 7 and Ash to help direct her into a body transformation pathway.

Through our detailed consultation process it became apparent that Lizzy didn’t just want to lose weight but had a deep ambition to feel strong and capable in her body and that weight training needed to be a key component in her pathway to better health.

Lizzy dropped over 2.5 stone over a ten week period. She regained her love for exercise and feeling comfortable in her own skin again. She is a massive success story at Unit 7 and we look forward to seeing her achieve new goals on her next training block.

““Ashley listened to my goals and ambitions and together we created what we needed to do to be successful. We built a routine and I quickly began to look forward to training again, this along with a diet removing artificial foods, keeping it simple and nutritious, helped massively bring my weight back down.”

“I leave feeling mentally uplifted and thinking of my future goals and challenges. This is why having Unit 7 is invaluable, it allows me to excel in other areas of my life.”