Success story


“Unit 7 has honestly become one of those places that just manages to bring the best out of me in my workouts.”

Craig came to us at a period of his life where he was at his heaviest and it was starting to really affect basic movement in his daily life.

From severe shin splints to complications into his upper back and neck, his weight and current lifestyle wasn’t serving him anymore. In many aspects of Craig’s life he was super successful and accomplished but this lent to him spending a lot of time developing his career and recreational activities than sticking to consistency with his health and fitness. With his weight high and injuries and ailments common, he made the decision to change!

“Ashley is a great trainer as he brings personality, fun and challenge to your workouts meaning that you regularly achieve personal bests and have an amazing time while doing so. It’s a great place for mental clarity too as it’s never crowded.”

The programme was able to deliver a dramatic body transformation, even around past injuries. In the past he thought these things could of been a barrier to achieving great results but Ashley helped these issues through his sports massage background and helped break down all the barriers Craig thought he would face.

“I’d recommend Unit 7 for anyone looking to push themselves and wanting to achieve more out of their workouts. The team are some of the kindest lads you’ll ever come across so you’ll always feel welcome and like they genuinely want the best for you!”