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Reading below will equip you with the missing mental tools needed when embarking on a successful journey of change. When you have a goal the first thing you must embrace is the fact you will need to change to achieve it.

We hope you enjoy the read.

Building the right mindset from step one is possibly the most effective way you can ensure you always achieve what you set to accomplish in life. With the right outlook you will be plastic enough to bounce back from knock’s and failure but rigid enough to whether distraction and barriers life display you with. In truth, there is no secret way to success, each person needs a unique approach. There are trends and major keystones we have observed time and time again that successful people carry as traits.

We have listed 5 of our favourites.

The compound effect

Possibly one of the most profound practices a person or organisation can put into place from the moment you create a goal. The compound effect is a strategy that reaps significant results when used correctly and empowers the user with the ability to appreciate how every decision they make has the power to help achieve their desired results.

The basic idea is by making tiny changes and choices consistently over time which will lead to significant change. With each success the user gains with the tiny choices made, the more momentum and motivation they gain to keep on making the right choices. The process eventually comes to a stage where all of the small choices which often seem inconsequential at that time create large results.


As mentioned above, consistency forms the backbone of any goal, it is the practice of remaining close to the actions and behaviours needed to elicit a response or to realise a goal of any description in life. Consistency is the opposite end to yoyo dieting, fads or trends. It is a process that can be maintained and will weather the varying challenges life throws at you. That said consistency is as much a mindset as it is a practice of actions and behaviours.

If circumstance changes, actions may have to change also so it is important you are not just consistent with action but consistent with thinking as action and sometimes behaviour must adapt to circumstance to continue to progress towards a goal.

Prepare to fail, never fail to prepare

A hard fact in most major goals is the expectancy at some stage derailment will come knocking on your door. It comes in many disguises and often comes when we feel great and do not welcome or expect it. Failure is a part of life and is something we should embrace and learn from instead of running away from in denial as many people often do. By embracing failure when it does arrive you will often find your path back to success much quicker, taking along with you new ideas and experience of how to avoid such failure again.

Preparation is one possible way to avoid failure, to prepare you will give time and attention to set in practice and space of mind to consider what is required of you to keep focused and on track for your goal. Maybe this is shopping on a particular day, taking a lunch break for an hour or opening your post daily to avoid feeling overwhelmed by stacks of bills. Preparation helps stop being overwhelmed and overworked or stress. Subsequently, preparation helps stop failure.

Set, progress, review and adapt

Set your goals and tasks needed to accomplish your goal, know them inside and out, once this is done you can begin progressing. Progress comes in many fashions and sometimes doesn’t always look or sound how you imagine it would. However, if you have moved from the spot you once stood in and it’s forward and not backwards, then you have progressed.

With progress comes change and with change, the things that once challenged you or worked may no longer work. In health and fitness, this process is often excepted as a given and yet it is overlooked in most people’s circumstances. As you change you must review your progress, effort, energy and mindset. Measuring these areas and setting new targets and goals will allow you to continue forward.

Adaptability is key to this process, being adaptable means you except your body and mind can adapt to your circumstances which means sometimes you will get better. Other times you will become dulled and unchallenged. To remain stimulated in mind and body you must continue to place yourself in situations where you are stimulating your body to adapt. It is key to remember the mind and body is forced to adapt when it is challenged.

Time and patience

Possibly the most frustrating two words you can say to people in today’s modern world as we don’t have to wait for much. The body is far more complicated than internet connection or the ordering process through amazon or even the technology in fancy electronic cars we now drive.

The body and mind need time to change to the environments and tasks we place upon it. Once you have set the right process into motion it will still take time to achieve your result. Example, on the world stage you will see an Olympian have moments of glory to win gold. For the audience, the event comes and goes within days, but for the athlete, it may have taken 10 – 15 years to have reached the peak of their ability for that moment.

Patience is the appreciation that you can’t have everything in an instant and that it’s ok for time to pass before you achieve your goal.

So, there you have it! This has been our top 5 mindsets needed to create an unbeatable lifestyle. Through mastering the 5 mindsets you will give yourself the tools needed to achieve the goals you set to achieve.