Created to support coaches and professionals in their development for a future career within the health and fitness industry.

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Grow your business within the health and fitness industry with our Personal Trainer Mentorship Programme (PTM).

PTM is a 6 month mentoring programme created to guide you through the fundamentals needed to run a successful business within the health and therapy industry.

The programme has been developed with newly qualified trainers and coaches in mind and consists of a pathway design which will help the smooth transition from student through to coach/therapist into the work environment.

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Course aims →

  • To build a strong client base through face to face sessions or digital coaching
  • To further your education around core topics such as exercise selection, nutrition, lifestyle coaching and postural dysfunction correction. 


The PTM is hosted online, allowing you to access our programme wherever you are in the world.

You and your mentor will have scheduled biweekly meetings whereby a different topic will be covered during each session.

Each topic has been selected for the essential role it plays towards building a successful client base.

Supportive literature will accompany each mentoring session. The material provided is designed to reinforce topics covered by the mentoring sessions with your mentor.

In addition to the mentoring sessions, Unit 7 will provide ongoing support via ‘small power groups’ on social media.

This will enable you to openly discuss ongoing topics and ideas around the PTM with like minded individuals.

The PTM is a 6 month programme which includes 12 fortnightly mentoring sessions.

All mentoring sessions are held online and each session will be followed by literature that you can read at your own leisure and use for future reference.

In addition you’ll receive ongoing support from your mentor outside of the sessions.

The cost of the Mentorship programme is £300. Payment can be made in full at the start of the course or payments can be spread over the duration of the programme at a cost of £50 / month for 6 months.

Courses start at the beginning of each new month.


Advanced mentoring is proven to help trainers and therapists grow their businesses by at least 40% in most circumstances.

What is it?
1-1 advanced mentoring is a bespoke experience tailored to an individuals business needs; it is therefore the most successful way to fast-track your business and achieve your goals.
Who mentors the process?
Head coaches Kane & Ashley run our 1-1 advanced mentoring pathways. With a combined experience of 20 years in the industry, they have invaluable knowledge and results from scaling highly driven coaches to industry front runners.
What can I expect?
1-1 mentoring sessions with one of the owners from Unit 7.
Sessions can be in person or online.

Meetings will troubleshoot issues and provide solutions to overcome obstacles faced by your business.

Upon conclusion of each meeting your mentor will set you a task with an agreed deadline which will contribute towards achieving your objectives. 
Who will benefit from this program?
Individuals who have completed the Unit 7 PTM Programme.

Current trainers, coaches, therapists who have a business and want to increase their profitability and grow their business model. 

Independent gym owners who want to increase revenue and improve service delivery.



Learn how to optimize biomechanical training.

Understanding how something works and why it works can be a hugely complex and difficult puzzle to solve.

Why can some people squat to depth whilst others can’t squat more than a few degrees?
Why can one person jump the height of a human and others can’t jump up a pavement curb?

Our introductory course into human mechanics will help you as a coach understand how the human body works and how you can identify the common reasons for lack of performance.

Dysfunction and pain go hand in hand, by learning how to accurately identify mechanical dysfunctions you can quickly find solutions to improve mechanics with the end result of improving performance.

An improvement in performance will be synonymous with a reduction in pain.


Here are some of  the topics we will be covering in the course.

What is biomechanics?

Importance of mastering a clear understanding of human biomechanical function for coaching and therapy

How to use biomechanics

How to assess and create corrective exercise programs specific to:
  • perfect depth in squat
  • build a powerful pull in deadlift
  • grow your bench press
How to use functional movement patterns for mechanical dysfunction and sports performance


  • Olympic lifting
  • Runners
  • Climbers
  • Regular gym users
  • Chronic pain

Specific sports covered based on the group audience

Cost - £180.00

Courses run twice per year and are limited to 20 students per course.

Enrollment Dates

8th April 2023
14th October 2023