Success Stories

Stephen Armstrong Worthington

By 5th May 2019 June 6th, 2021 No Comments

Before I started on my fitness journey I was so scared of stepping foot into a gym. I was worried about what people would say, worried about how I would feel so out of place even being there but most of all I was worried about failing.

I had spent so long using excuses as to why I couldn’t go to the gym, things like not having enough time, the distance etc etc. I was suffering from so many health-related problems such as High Blood pressure, back problems and Sleep Apnoea all of which were related to me being so overweight. The simple things like shopping for clothes was becoming a chore and made me feel depressed as I could only fit into XXL and XXXL clothing and I knew something had to change as things were getting worse.

When I met Michael for my initial meeting we went through my goals and aspirations and what I wanted to achieve. He made me feel so at ease and was so encouraging and really made me believe anything was possible.

The programme Michael created for my PT sessions was tough but Michael was so encouraging throughout the process and made me feel like I could do anything and boosted my confidence no end. Michael really spent his time focusing on the things I could do and encouraged me to keep up the work.  

7 months later I am 40kg down, 3 shirt sizes down, blood pressure is normal, sleep apnoea has gone and I feel so confident about who I am and where I am with my health. I no longer feel the need to hide away. Michael and the other staff and customers have really accepted me and it feels amazing to be able to walk into a gym now and feel so supported and encouraged. I feel part of a community and this is so important to me.

None of this would have been possible without Michael and I am eternally grateful for the support he has shown me. He has literally changed my life. 

if I can do it, anyone can.