Success Stories

James Kelly

By 2nd May 2019 June 6th, 2021 No Comments

Approaching Ashley back in 2014 just for some general advice turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made.
What was just a one-hour consultation has ended up turning into a life-changing fitness journey which is still ongoing now. 

After years of dieting & hitting the gym, no results prevailed, however, just a few months working with Ashley, I saw changes to my body I never thought possible.

Every session, Ashley gave me 110%! I used to see other PT’s in the gym just on their phones counting reps for their clients and I felt so lucky to have a PT who fully engaged for me the whole of our hour’s session. He pushed me to uncover limits I never thought possible and as much as I hated the pain he put me through in sessions, the results were worth every second!

Ashley has become such a role model for myself from supporting me from day 1 as a personal trainer but also a friend through other struggles in life I have faced. He has inspired me to become a personal trainer and taught me so much throughout this process. After returning back from travelling, I have had the opportunity to work with Ashley for a 2nd time which I am extremely grateful for. We are now working together on a business venture that I am putting together and there isn’t anyone else I would rather have supporting me on this. 

Thank you will never be enough for Ashley for the huge impact he has made on changing my life for the better. I could recommend no one better if you’re looking for a personal trainer.