Success story

“I wanted to look like the guys on the fitness magazines. I didn’t think I could get that type of condition. Working with Unit 7 I managed to drop 10% body fat and got into serious shape, I never thought I could look like the person in the after photo.”

Gavin was a typical gym user, training a few times of week with no real program or structure to his training. He lacked a sense of direction which led him to skipping out of training in periods and not pushing himself to build on his weak areas.

“Unit 7 made the whole process easy and manageable, we put together a training program that monitored all the finer details I would need to measure to get myself into absolute peak shape. Calorie intake, weights lifted and sleep were just a few of the things we needed to address to get to my goal.”

Gavin is another successful body transformation that highlights how effective our pathways are when aligned with a client who is ready to truly change their lives.

“If you want a gym with exclusive feel and an inclusive vibe, with trainers that know how to work your abilities then Unit 7 Pt is for you.”