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Personal Training Courses

Personal Training Courses

Personal Training Courses

Personal Training Courses

Personal Training Courses

Personal Training Courses

Personal Training Courses

Personal Training Courses

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Grow your health and fitness business – Realise your coaching potential – Deliver the best to your clients –

Grow your health and fitness business – Realise your coaching potential – Deliver the best to your clients –

Grow your health and fitness business – Realise your coaching potential – Deliver the best to your clients –



Grow your health and fitness business with our PTM programme & courses.



Take your health and fitness business from startup to industry front runner with Unit 7’s PTM Programme.

The PTM is a mentoring programme designed to help coaches and personal trainers create a successful and profitable business.

  • To build a strong client base through face to face sessions or digital coaching.
  • To further your education around core topics such as:
    – exercise selection
    – nutrition
    – lifestyle coaching
    – postural dysfunction correction

Hear all about Laurent’s PTM experience

“The PTM at Unit 7 has been something that’s really elevated my game as a coach by tenfold…

If you have the opportunity to get on to the PTM then do so. I have no idea how a coach can qualify as a PT then expect to be successful.

There’s a lot of things you need to consider. If you’re not on the PTM I don’t know what you’re doing!”

Laurent, PTM Delegate & Unit 7 Coach


Flexible Payment Options

Choose between up front payment or spread the cost with monthly direct debit.






Currently enrolling for 2023.
Places are limited to 6 per month.


Induction & Financial Forecasting

This module is to introduce all students to their assigned mentors.


How to set and forecast financial targets for annual income, session hourly rate & block booking packages.

Module 1 will touch on rapport building and creating conversations with prospective clients and how this aligns

Brand Development

Discuss the importance of developing a brand profile to portray the trainer/therapist strengths, skills, ambitions, and values.

Create a brand offering unique to you as a trainer, forming the services and products you will offer to your clients.

Relationship Building & Consultation Development

This module will help the coach build client rapport strategies and give the student the best tools and practises based on fundamental human psychology to develop prospective leads into consultations and clients.

How to Run & Close a Consultation
This module will show coaches how to break down the consultation process into focused sections. It will give them a blueprint on how to run a consultation in the most organic and autonomous way, helping coaches deliver recommendations and their pricing structure for maximum conversion.
Client Assessment Process

Understand the importance of assessing a client and how to conduct an assessment. Show confidence and ability to work through the several stages of the assessment.

Develop a professional and confident manner when working with a broad range of clients.

Programming from Assessment
Learn clear guidelines around programming for a client after the initial assessment. These will be principles that can be used with any client under any circumstance. This versatility of the principles will act as a guide for the trainer when designing programs.
Training Methods & Styles

Module 7 will discuss and develop a greater subject knowledge on the most practised and current training methods used across the industry.

This module will break down 4 key training styles:

1 – Bodybuilding

2 – Functional Bodybuilding

3 – Cross disciplined training

4 – Rehabilitation/Holistic movements

Anatomy & Physiology
To learn the significance of applying anatomy and physiology to the personal training and coaching sessions. To show knowledge of the origins and insertions and proximal and distal insertions of the musculoskeletal system.
Training & Injury
To introduce a basic understanding of how to identify and work with varying stages of injury.
Nutrition 101
To increase subject knowledge on nutrition and educate what good nutrition involves. Focus on the key overall concepts of calorie control & nutrient density will feature throughout.
Revisit to the Business & Future Planning

Review the past 5 months of learning, this will be the first milestone in your journey where you will reflect on what has passed to help shape the actions you will take to advance your business and practice as a coach.

From this module you should find a clearer direction of where you want to go as a coach and what you will need to focus on to achieve your goals.

Accounts & PTM Summary / Future Options

Summarise the PTM course with final actions that focus on accounting for the first year as a sole trader or limited company.

Discuss future learning with the students, offering advance tuition with Unit 7 and the mentoring team.


When do courses start?
Courses begin at the start of each month throughout the year.
How long do courses last?
The PTM course lasts for 6 months. This includes 12 x modules, with an online session hosted every 2 weeks.
Will there be additional support?
Each session is followed up with a supporting PDF, which you can read in your own time.
How much time do I need?
Around 2-4 hours per month. The work and exploration you put into the course content, especially in between sessions… the more you will get out of the PTM course!
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