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At Unit 7 we aim to provide you with all our personal training expertise at the touch of a button through any tech device. Now our coaches can deliver the real in house personal training experience without the long commutes and premium cost associated with 1-1 coaching. We deliver real results to real people no matter where you are based. All that is left is to choose your pathway.

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Bespoke nutritional plans

The diet plan is designed specifically around each individual’s needs. We will provide you with a full macro break down and suggested set amounts of food per meal. The plan will be adjusted weekly in order to ensure progress is still being made.

Tailored Training programme

Training will be programed around your personal physique goal. We also take into consideration any limitations you may have with equipment or injuries. Once again this is custom to you and designed with your needs in mind.

Assigned your very own Coach

You will be assigned your own unit 7 head coach to monitor your weekly progress and make sure to alter parts of your programme so that you get the best possible results.

A weekly live check in

You will receive a weekly check-in to monitor progress of the week and give you alterations to your current training and nutrition plan to make sure you’re on the road to success.

Use of our personalised unit 7 App

Our personalised app will provide you with a tool to track all your workouts on and really reinforce your winning habits.

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