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personal trainer - Ashley

Ashley Lucas

With an early passion for training, Ashley studied Sport & Exercise Science at University as he began his journey in the Personal Training industry in his early twenties.

Ashley has International Honours in karate, competed in mens physique competitions and worked alongside a range of clientele and athletes, developing strength, power and fitness to optimise performance.

Ashley wants to bring his results-driven programming skills to develop and build lifelong habits to help you raise your standards and achieve a better life.


personal trainer - Kane

Kane Warren

With ten years of personal training experience, Kane is accomplished in a multitude of areas of interest.

Kane specializes in 5 key areas:

  • Injury rehab and postural dysfunctions
  • Body transformation
  • Behavioral habits and addictive tendencies
  • Sports performance and periodization training for athletes
  • Nutrition coaching

Kane focuses on building a close and open relationship with his clients, the stronger the relationship between the trainer and client the greater the results achieved.

Bethan Jane Harris

I developed my coaching methodology during my years of experience as a competitive Bikini Athlete. I provide a holistic approach to Personal Training and Online Coaching and focus not only on the physical performance and nutritional requirements of each individual, but also factors such as state of mind, stress, sleep and general wellbeing, to maximise the potential of each of my clients.

I specialise in a number of areas including:

- Transformations; Muscle gain, Fat loss, Body Recomposition.
- Nutrition Coaching, Individually Tailored Diet Plans.
- Fitness Lifestyle and Mindset Coaching.
- Bikini Bodybuilding Competition Prep.

I created Personal Best Coaching with the goal of educating my clients whilst building a community of like-minded people to help support each other, which I have done through the Team Personal Best group chat. If you are ready to commit to working hard to achieve your full potential, then I am ready to commit to helping you reach your health and fitness goals!


Laurent Tshimanga

My passion for coaching stemmed from my experience as a professional American football player, having represented Great Britain at the national level, as well as achieving personal accolades playing professionally across Europe.

These goals and ambitions that had once seemed impossible soon became a reality with the right training plan, a little self-discipline and a relentless coach who never gave up on me, and I won't give up on you!

My ideology for coaching is centralised around individualism, with a focus on better understanding each client's personal experience with health and fitness.

I specialise in body transformations, from weight loss, muscle gain, overall wellbeing, and everything in between. I also bring a focus to athlete development with tailored training and nutrition plans to enhance performance.

You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King, Jr.”

personal trainer - Tom

Tom Cornall

I aim to help my clients exceed their goals, focusing on:

-fat loss,
-muscle gain,
-increase in performance.

I have a fitness and sports background playing Semi Professional National 1 Rugby at Caldy Rugby Club and have represented Cheshire County. Alongside this, I have also represented Merseyside in Athletics. From this background I have gained substantial knowledge in researched nutrition, injury prevention and Strength and Conditioning.

Some of the clients I have worked with I have trained in preparation for rugby, football, golf, tennis, to name a few. I have trained musicians, people desk based jobs, and generally people who are seeking a more healthy way of life.

My overall approach is that I help people look for a more sustainable approach to their health and wellbeing.


Jake Vickers

With an early passion for training, I studied Sport & Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moore’s University graduating with an honours degree.

With the sports science base knowledge behind me, I help clients with both their training and nutrition to become the best versions of themselves. Always striving to become better for my clients, I continue my personal development to ensure I can deliver the best personal training to you.

I work with clients on a one to one basis and small group training. My aim as a coach is to educate and empower. Helping people from all walks of life Feel and Perform their best. Knowing that one size does not fit all, I take pride in being the coach who goes the extra mile. Taking genuine interest and care in each client’s journey, customising every programme to the individual and bringing passion to every session.


personal trainer - Byron

Byron Power

Byron has been involved in fitness training in one form or another for many years.

Byron is most at home when he is on his bike or should I say bikes, road or mountain listening to his rock and metal albums. However, he also can be found cross training where he puts his fitness to the test against his friends.

Byron's preferred place to cook is on the BBQ or Braai as he calls it in his native South African.

Prior to personal training, Byron worked as a qualified secondary school teacher and has a passion for educating and seeing his clients grow in confidence and achieving their goals.


personal trainer - Michael

Michael O’Neill

Michael’s passion within the fitness industry is evident in his outside the gym activities. He loves all aspects of health and fitness, from frequent pad sessions, rock climbing and going down the driving range.

As a coach Michael has helped numerous clients reach their goals from weight/fat loss to the flip-side of the spectrum to achieving muscle/weight gain.

He is a coach that loves sports and all training geared towards developing athletic potential and helps his clients train with the exact same intensity.


personal trainer

Craig Davies

After graduating from LJMU in 2009 with an Honours Degree in Physical Activity, Exercise & Health, Craig now holds 8 years of personal training experience, taking over 9,000 sessions to date and having success with a wide range of clients along the way. Now also a qualified IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation) practitioner as of November 2018, Craig is a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable & a highly motivated coach with a great passion for health, fitness, and nutrition.

Whether your goals are injury rehabilitation/postural correction, weight loss/toning, body transformation, sports performance, muscle building or just general fitness, Craig has the passion to motivate, support and guide you towards the results you wish to achieve.