Should you always push yourself

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athlete after workout

Should you always push yourself?

After a little Chat this morning to the human unicorn @sanchiapalmer. we were talking about if your mood should dictate whether you slap on your short shorts, put your hair in a pineapple and slip on the black socks and push yourself to train.

Look, somedays you just have to push yourself in Sanchia’s words “Practise what you preach Lucas.” It is a valuable lesson I push to everyone that trains under Unit 7 but is this always the answer?

Somedays I want to run up a mountain ????
Sometimes I want to lift weights that make other people stop mid-workout and watch ????
Other days though I want to lie down on a mat and put my Legs over my head ????????‍♀️ (not that I’m much good at this one, just ask my cat ????.)

The answer is let’s keep our standards high and always push yourself but equally be in tuned to your body to know exactly if you need to take a foot Off the pedal. We are surrounded by the brutal metcon the next person does daily, the go get it attitude and 24/7 hustle and we can damage ourselves trying to keep up.

HACK – if you feel beat give Yourself a ten minute warm up on the treadmill. Sometimes after raising your heart rate, it can push your body out of the slump to actually prepare itself for a good session and inspire motivation. If you find yourself not energised after the ten mins, stop what your sling and give Yourself a break.