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What you need to know about Unit 7 fitness classes

Group fitness classes are fast becoming one of the most successful services we provide here at Unit 7, Liverpool. With a great community, passionate coaches and a studio dedicated to it’s members and their workouts it’s easy to see why.

Read on to find out why you should try us out…

With over 40 years combined experience of competing and working in the fitness industry within  Liverpool and across the UK, Kane and Ashley have put all their knowledge and experience into designing a fitness class programme that’s progressive and contains something for everyone.

One of the biggest questions people ask when enquiring about classes is, “am I fit enough”, the answer to which will always be “yes”. We design every session with all fitness levels in mind. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or stepping into the gym for the first time we cater for everyone.

Each session has the ability to be reduced in intensity or levelled up to make the workout as challenging as your heart desires.

At Unit 7 the primary focus of our fitness classes are participation and growth of the individual who takes part. This means today you may lack the ability to perform a back squat, but in time you will have the confidence to perform this movement, along with so much more.

As mentioned above, all our classes are designed by the owners of Unit 7 with our members in mind.

We do not out-source our programming like may other gyms which allows us to help individuals progress and improve whilst ensuring the fitness classes remain accessible for all to participate.

What should you expect on your first experience?

Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed by one of the head coaches who will ask you a couple of questions around your experience with fitness classes and comfort level with exercise. If there are any considerations we need to factor into the class we will make the required adjustments (don’t worry we do this all the time).

Every class will start with a ‘heart raiser’ which will flow into a mobility and activation section. This ensures you’re warm and ready to take on the session ahead.

Following on, the class will enter into a lifting section or a technical stage. This component of the class allows you to learn new skills and movements or enables you to test your strength against some of the fun lifts and skills we commonly work through.

Lastly, It wouldn’t be a class if we didn’t get the heart rate up and reduce some fat cells to tears during a high energy workout incorporating a mixture of cardio ergs, barbells / dumbbells and body weight exercises.

During the workouts, you are able to test your fitness as an individual, as a pair during partner workouts or as a team during our much fun filled ‘Game Day’ classes on a Saturday.

The only thing left to do now is head over to our classes page and book onto a class to experience the hype for yourself.


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  • Olympic lifting
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  • Spin sessions
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  • Regular circuit training

We look forward to seeing you soon.

If you have any further questions, including memberships and prices, contact us via our social media page or get in touch below.