Unit 7’s Body Transformation Programme is a specific personal training approach whereby creating your very own before and after success story.

Have you ever been aspired to create the body of your dreams in a small time frame?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create the beach body look or dramatically change the way you look on a photo? 

The Body Transformation programme is accomplished and so well revised that it works with both the beginner who has never exercised before to athletes at the other end of the scale. We also work with seasoned individuals who are looking to create a physique that would be worthy of a medal.

During the programme, the trainer will utilise nutritional programming combined with periodised programming to take you through each essential stage of your body transformation process.

Transforming your body is a process of exploring how you live and act on a day-to-day basis. Your trainer will look at the foods you eat, the exercise and general activity you undertake, your mindset towards your goals and the tasks you must complete.

Through clever programme design and personalised lifestyle coaching, you will watch your attitude and appearance transform whilst being guided through each stage of the journey.

Our programme is individually created, making it 100% compatible to you regardless of your circumstance or barriers. The number of pounds you wish to lose or body fat percentage you want to drop does not affect who we can help, they are simply considerations our team will look over, so we can start your journey and get you the amazing body transformation results you desire.


  • Body fat statistics
  • Body measurement tracking
  • Monthly progress photos
  • Macro & micronutrient programming
  • Detailed training plans
  • Critical pathways set with targets & goals