This is for the athlete who is looking to push and develop the extra 10% that their current training can no longer provide. Unit 7’s Athlete Development Programme is an immersive and comprehensive programme that assesses and develops the key fundamentals of an athlete.

With a large team of trainers who have competitive sporting backgrounds, Unit 7 trainers are accomplished athletes and coaches both in and out of the gym. This gives our coaches an edge when it comes to designing and running athlete programmes.

When working with a Unit 7 personal trainer the advice and coaching will cover the movement patterns, nutrition, recovery, strength and conditioning, and pre-habilitation.

This program style is for semi and professional athletes who want to excel in a sport or high-level training.

Athletes placed on the right training pathway achieve incredible results. We have seen this time and time again. 

If you want to reach your full potential, this is the programme for you!


  • Biomechanics screening
  • Training cycles (periodisation training)
  • Competition & event planning
  • Planning on & off seasons
  • Recovery & injury prevention sessions
  • Collaboration with other specialists
  • Performance based nutrition plans